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Another Journey
The couple had stayed in that cave for a few weeks now and things couldn't be better. Spyro and Cynder had enjoyed every second of not having to fight any war. One day as Spyro was hunting for their next meal he found a lone deer grazing in a meadow. He slowly crept up to it behind a bush and waited for the perfect opportunity.
Meanwhile Hunter was sent off on hunting duty again, but he didn't mind, hunting was his name after all. He searched the forest and came up to a deer grazing in the meadow. He aimed his bow and fired, but at the same time a purple blob tackled the deer and got hit by the arrow.
Spyro fell to the ground in pain as the deer sprang to its feet and got away. Spyro grabbed the part of his leg that got hit. He looked around to find the culprit.
"Who's there?!" Spyro shouted with smoke rising out of his nostrils wanting to kill the one who did that.
When Hunter stepped out into the open Spyro quickly calmed down at the sight of his old friend.
"Spyro… you're alive! Everyone thought you were dead." He said as he looked at the wound and quickly took the arrow out as Spyro let a gasp of pain out.
"We kind of wanted it to be that way, we just want to live alone for now." Spyro said as he got back o his feet.
"So Cynder's alive as well. That is good news, and I will respect your wish and tell no one of your existence."
"Thank you Hunter you have been a good friend. If you ever want to visit we live in the cave behind the waterfall."
"I shall take you up on that offer, but not now. My village needs me to bring something back, and I don't think they had a purple dragon on the menu."
Spyro gave a little chuckle and said "take care my friend." As he flew back to the cave where Cynder was waiting for his return. She had found a buck and already started to eat it.
"No luck this time?" she asked as she swallowed some meat.
"No but I ran into Hunter." Spyro said as he sat down next to her.
"You did! So he knows we're alive?" she asked.
"Yeah, but he promised he wouldn't tell anyone where we are."
Cynder sighed in relief and said "good, I know we can trust hunter. After all he did so much for us."
They spent their day happy together as always and when nightfall came Spyro couldn't sleep. He looked to the stars and thought of Ignitus, his mentor that sacrificed himself to get him and Cynder to Malefore.
"Ignitus…" Spyro whispered with a tear rolling down his eye.
When he finally went to sleep he had a nightmare of what happened that day. Then he found himself in the chronicler's room on the white isle in front of the pool of visions.
"What is it you want this time?" Spyro asked looking into the pool.
"Nothing much this time young dragon. I just want you to live out your life with Cynder in happiness. Do not let the stains of the past hold you back." A voice replied.
"Come to the White Island, then we can talk in person."
Spyro awoke to see the sun rising over the mountains. He realized that he should visit the chronicler, and he might as well show Cynder as well.
He licked her face and she woke up with a big yawn.
"Good morning my love." She said as she looked at his eyes.
"Morning Cynder." He said as they kissed.
"Is something bothering you?" she asked sensing his discomfort.
"I had a dream last night that the chronicler wanted me to visit him. I think I should go, but only if you are willing to also."
"The chronicler? You mean the one who told you where to find me when Gaul caught me?" He nodded his head then Cynder said "well, I guess we should leave immediately then."
As soon as they had gotten a meal into their bodies the two dragons set off on their journey to the White Island. The landscape soared beneath Spyro and Cynder as they flew with great speed to the ocean. The memories of traveling there three years ago with Sparx flashed back into his mind. They had reached the white isle as the sun was setting to the west.
"This is the place?" Cynder asked curiously looking around the huge island.
"Yes, the chronicler lives here in the celestial temple." Spyro answered as he pointed to the castle behind her.
She turned around and was awestruck at the amazing castle that was hidden behind the trees. The opening was big and pitch black sending shivers throughout Cynder's body.
"Spyro, there's something that I don't like about this place. I sense very bad things." Cynder said backing away slowly.
"That's only the test that awaits you, I had to go through it once and it was bad but I got through it."
"What happened?"
"I had to go through tests using my powers, then at the end I had to face an element dragon that looked a lot like you back when… you know." He replied regretting to have said that last part.
"Like when I worked for Malefor." Cynder said as she lowered her head at the memories of those dark times.
"Cynder, don't think back to that time."
"How Spyro? You never went through what I did, what I had done to our world."
"You had no control over that Cynder. The things you did were controlled by Gaul. Now he and Malefore are dead, you are free, and with me."
"Spyro…" she was cut off by his lips against hers.
"Forget the past and just focus on our love." He said as he gazed into her eyes.
She looked back into his eyes and saw the light in his eyes that she always knew could never lie to her.
"Okay Spyro, lets go." She said as they turned towards the temple.
They walked through the main door into a pitch black room. Cynder kept the tip of her wing on Spyro's, never wanting to lose him. She knew that as long as she was close to him they would be safe.
Through the darkness something grabbed Cynder and carried her off.
"SPYRO!" she shouted trying to reach for him.
"CYNDER!" Spyro shouted looking for the dragoness.
The creature carried Cynder through a door with a portal in it. When she could finally see she was inside of Malefor's castle. She looked and saw Malefor where they first saw him staring at the door. She quickly got into a fighting stance and faced him.
"What are you doing here?!" Cynder growled at him.
He didn't seem to notice her so Cynder made the first strike and dove for his neck. She ended up going right through him and crashed into the wall. When she stood up she saw the big door open and in walked two dragons. She looked closer to see that it was her and Spyro.
"At long last, my guests have arrived. Please, come in." Malefor finally said.
Cynder realized that this was before they fought Malefor. She began to think of why she was there, what was the point of being here. She already knew what was going to happen.
"Fight back! Why wont you fight back?!" she heard herself say.
"Because you've left me nothing to fight for." Spyro said behind his wing.
Cynder was expecting to see herself dispel the darkness from her, but instead her past self kept on attacking Spyro. She realized something was wrong and dove for dark Cynder. Just like with Malefore she went right through her and face planted into the floor.
She got up to see her still attacking Spyro. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. Spyro was starting to bleed from multiple locations. She covered her face with her wings, shielding herself from this nightmare. Now she could only hear Spyro shout in pain from each blow and Malefor's evil laugh. The she heard something get stabbed and Cynder tried not to imagine what was happening.
Then the noise was suddenly gone. Cynder peeked her head out to find her on a platform surrounded by dark clouds. Relieved that it wasn't real she stepped into the middle of the platform.
"Don't think that you are done." Came an evil voice.
"Who are you?" Cynder asked.
"The one thing you fear the most."
"No… it can't be."
Before anything could be done a giant black dragon landed in front of her. She looked up to see her dark self in front of her.
"You fear of going back to the darkness, setting me free." She continued.
"No, I'm never going back. Spyro saved me the first time, but now I can save myself." Cynder roared as she let out a blast of poison at her evil form.
After deflecting the shot, her evil form reared up and smashed down where Cynder was, only to hit the ground. Cynder had rolled out of the way and attempted to shoot another blast of poison. This time she hit her target dead on and watched as her evil form quickly disapeared.
"That was easy." Cynder said aloud.
"That's because she is not your biggest fear." Said a low and dark voice.
Everything around Cynder became pitch black. She couldn't even see her paws had she looked at them. Shortly after a pair of crimson red eyes appeared and stared down at her.
"No… not you!" Cynder gasped in horror.
The remade version of part three and four of Dark Descendant, enjoy!
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